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My name is Ana Tabaku, Iím 34 and I originate from Albania. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Before I came to Sweden, I lived in Greece, where I held a number of jobs in the hotel business.

Upon coming to Sweden, I realized that I could use my knowledge to arrange travels to the undiscovered Albania. I had a lot of experience from Greece in arranging holidays, but I realized that it wasnít enough.

So I completed my education by studying at IATA/UFTAA, which is a leading education in the market of travel arrangements. Through IATA/UFTAA I got a job in a travel agency, where I specialized in arranging summer holidays.

In the summer of 2002, I arranged my very first trip to Albania. I arranged for a number of Swedish turists a nice summer holiday at the seaside village of Spille in Albania. The trip was a formidable success; so now Iíve decided to go for it once again.

In november 2002 I went to Albania again, this time to the twin pearls of Bregdeti (i.e. the Albanian riviera), namely the cities of Vlora and Saranda. I visited a number of cosy hotels in both places and had the opportunity to meet lots of great people accustomed to working with foreign tourists. The Albanians in general are committed to make a good job in tourism, so that the foreign tourists shall come back again, and again and again.

Upon going back to Sweden, I promised to act as an intermediary both in Sweden and elsewhere for some of these hotels.

Behind every successful woman there is a helpful husband, as they say. I receive a lot of help from my husband, Jonas Olsson. He and I, as well as our two daughters, shall spend the entire summer in Albania.

The information at this homepage on the two pearls of Vlora and Saranda is in Swedish, as well as the information on the hotels. If you need it in English or Albanian, please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information.

Ana Tabaku & Jonas Olsson

phone: +46 (0)73-7594433

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